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Grant Program

A Resource for Youth Organizers CFY mission is delivered principally through our Grant Program, accounting for nearly 75% of CFY’s overall community investment. The goal is to provide a wide range of youth programs the financial resources needed to keep registration fees low, ensuring accessibility to children and families of all economic backgrounds. In doing so, coaches, instructors, and leadership can focus on what matters most: creating impactful early life experiences.

CFY started as a youth athletics provider in the 1970s, transitioning over the years into a funding resource for a growing number of recreational and competitive organizations specializing in their sport/activity. 

Donations to CFY are distributed to groups across the county through this program, connecting those who are passionate about creating and sustaining positive youth experiences to an extensive network of providers committed to healthy growth and development.

Grant Impact Report 

Youth Activity Funding Available in 2024

Athletic Registration Scholarships
$ 0 +
Equipment Supplement
$ 0 +
Travel Assistance
$ 0 +
Community Assistance
$ 0 +
Arts & Culture Registration Scholarships
$ 0 +
Facility Enhancement Grant
$ 0 +

Youth athlete reimbursement

Sponsored by Baystar Restaurant Group

Providing impactful recreational programs the support needed to keep registration fees low for children of all economic backgrounds by offsetting the cost of partially or fully scholarshipped participants

Youth Sport Equipment Supplement

Sponsored by the Philadelphia Phillies/Clearwater Thresher

Matching funds to help absorb the costs of safe and effective equipment for growing organizations

Competitive Sport Travel Assistance

Sponsored by Congruity HR

Assisting athletes reach higher levels of competition and the costs associated with regional/national travel

Facility enhancement grants

Fund community/recreational youth athletic organizations in Pinellas County who are partnering with their local community and CFY on the construction of a facility infrastructure enhancement that will be of a benefit to the youth of the program at their primary facility. 

Youth Arts & Culture Registration Reimbursement

Expanding access to a broader demographic of children to enriching programs through registration fee scholarships

Youth Community Assitance


Promoting growth and diversity in youth programming with funding to support program expansions

Grant Guidelines & Procedures

Grant Application

For more information, please visit Program FAQ’s or contact

Who We Serve

CFY is proud to support the following organizations dedicated to providing positive outlets for active and creative youth in the Pinellas County community. Click to learn more about specific grant awards and their impact.

Applications are reviewed throughout the year on a rolling basis following each deadline:

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CFY Grant Committee

Bill Fisher

Craig Gilman 

Hoyt Hamilton

Daniel Slaughter

Chuck Warrington

Chad Burgess

Miguel Diaz

Danny Fisher

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