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Grant Guidelines

All grant inquiries must be submitted, and funds administered through a youth organization’s Board of Directors. Groups which reside in Pinellas County are welcome to apply and will be considered for grants. Grants may be requested within five specific funding areas, outlined on the following page All applications will be evaluated upon due diligence and merit of the request. Grant seeking organizations shall have programming for the season the request is made. The CFY Grants Committee and Board of Trustees may exceed these guidelines upon their discretion and best judgment in alignment with the charity’s overall mission and vision as stated above.

All grant requests must be submitted by the deadlines listed below. It is imperative these dates are met as applications must be reviewed by the CFY Grants Committee and approved by the CFY Board of Trustees, both scheduled in succession following each deadline.

February 25

April 25

June 25

August 25

October 25

December 18

Requests must be submitted through the CFY website at, including the organization’s Annual Budget and other supplemental materials, as required by specific funding category (see page 2). All grants are awarded on a competitive basis regardless of historical funding; renewals or repeat funding for subsequent seasons is not guaranteed. CFY reserves the right to approve, deny, or counter-offer funding requests based on a formal review of the requesting organization’s annual budget submission and allocation. Please note that organizations applying for funding will be required to report any financial thefts occurring within the past 2 years and any relevant detail of such to be considered by the CFY Board of Trustees.

Upon application approval, grantee will be required to sign CFY Partnership Agreement outlining terms of the reciprocal partnership. Agreement includes the following conditions:

  1. Certification that funds will be used for purposes explicitly intended.
  2. Furnishing of supplemental documentation requested within 10 business days of request.
  3. Prominent display of CFY branding on all websites and print material.
  4. Signage or banners (as provided by CFY) in a prominent location at primary facility.
  5. Completion of Grant Impact Report within 90 days of the conclusion of the approved program season, detailing impact including supplemental documentation to be used by CFY for marketing purposes.

We look forward to receiving your organization’s submission! Thank you for serving the youth of our community.

Funding Categories & Criteria

  • Community/recreational youth athletics organization
    • Available to all participants who qualify*
  • Competitive team grants available, contingent on available funds
    • Limited to one scholarship per fiscal year per program
  • Requests must be made at the conclusion of the organization’s registration cycle and must include the CFY Registration Ledger detailing participants
  • Large equipment purchase to be used by participants at host facility
  • Award not to exceed 50% of total cost
    • Evidence of matching fundraising specific to purchase is required prior to approval
    • Equipment price quote from three vendors must be submitted with application
  • In lieu of price quotes, price quoted directly from Dick’s Sports Goods – Countryside Square (this store only) will be accepted. Contact John Chance store manager (26583 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33761; (727) 791-8580. Additional discount up to 30% maybe provided at store’s discretion.
  • Limited to one award annually
  • Grant funds paid directly to approved vendor
  • Storage plans to ensure longevity to be detailed in application
  • Youth athletes competing on the state/regional/national level where a qualifier or a qualifying invitation from the national office is required to advance
    • Number of qualified athletes and proof of qualification must be submitted with application
  • Awards may be for a team or individual, but not both
    • Individual awards are granted on a need basis, only to participants on the original roster
  • Evidence of matching fundraising specific to the travel event is required prior to approval
  • Funds are issued as a reimbursement to the organization contingent on the submission of receipts showing travel expenses paid
  • New athletic program or initiative meeting any of the following criteria:
    •  Established within an existing program serving youth in Pinellas County
    • Working with an established nonprofit affiliated with a professional sports organization
    • Partnership sponsorship program working in conjunction with the Juvenile Welfare Board
  • New program or initiative can only receive funds under this category one time.
  • Evidence of matching grants is required prior to approval
  • Community arts and culture organizations engaging Pinellas County youth programming such as after school activities or camp
    •  Available to all participants who qualify*
    • Limited to one scholarship per fiscal year per program
  • Requests must be made at the conclusion of the organization’s registration cycle and must include the CFY Registration Ledger detailing registrants

*Qualified participants must be students enrolled at a Pinellas County Title One School

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