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Scholarship FAQ

Any senior student who attends a Pinellas County High School, public or private. Some exceptions may be made as determined by the CFY Scholarship Committee.

Applications are to be completed online through the CFY website. If an applicant is unable to access a computer to complete the application or otherwise requires special accommodations, a student representative/counselor must communicate this to the CFY office. The application includes an essay prompt which must be completed in order for the applicant to be considered.

Applications are submitted to the CFY Scholarship Committee for a blind review process (all identifying information about the student and family removed.) Upon review of the completed application and essay, top applicants are determined by the committee and assigned to sponsors.

Yes, all applicants will receive decision communication.

Scholarships are awarded in increments of $3,500 (for trade/vocational pursuits), $5,000, and $10,000.

Unlike other CFY fundraising/impact efforts, sponsors of the ROJ Scholarship Program choose to make a donation that will directly impact an individual student, rather than a broader community impact. It is important to thank them for their support and the difference it makes

Scholarship funds are issued directly to the recipient’s postsecondary institution using the information provided on the Scholarship Disbursement Form, distributed upon award and due no later than June 30th. Scholarships are then paid out in 2 increments in July prior to the start of the student’s first two years, each 50% of the total award.

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books, room and board, or anything that is a billable item through the school. Please work with your school to apply funds appropriately.

To avoid forfeited scholarship funds, a written (email) submission showing withdrawal and indicating the new school must be sent to The student is responsible for requesting a refund from the current school, payable to CFY. Once the unused portion of the scholarship is received, we will redistribute the funds along with any additional remaining funds (if applicable) following the timeline described above/on the updated Scholarship Disbursement Form (July distribution toward fall

Please allow anywhere from 2-6 weeks from the check date for processing. Checks are issued using the information provided exactly as it is on the Scholarship Disbursement Form, so it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure correct school and personnel detail. If the school still states that the funds have not been received beyond a reasonable time frame, please email with your name, the name of the school, and your student ID. We will respond via email with your check number
and date to be provided to the financial aid office for research.

Students are required to submit the following by June 15th to following their first year to avoid delays in their second year funding:

  • Official transcript showing full time status and grade point average
  • A thank you letter to the donor including an update on what the first year experience has meant to your development
  • Fall course schedule
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